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Getting Results

We all want results, but how do you get them? The only way that we can deliver the most elite personal training in Colorado Springs is by doing something different. The best way to find out what separates us from the rest of the pack is by setting up a consultation. The depth and insight that we offer on diet and nutrition are purely dependent on science. The result is a team of trainers that are always on the same page, therefore providing you or your team with the purest fitness guidance available. Whether it's dropping body fat, adding lean muscle mass, improving flexibility, muscular endurance, or cardiovascular endurance, The Alpha Locker Training System deploys the latest science-backed programming to adapt to your unique fitness journey. With a commitment to progress and experience with personal training in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas, our team noticed that the athletes of Olympic City where ready for more. For this reason, we also offer team-based training, online coaching, online meal-prep guidance, and in-home meal-prep guidance. Read more about our fitness programs below.

Personal Training

We started out by strictly offering personal training in Colorado Springs, and our hearts have never left. Because we are a results-only company, when you go through our personal training program the concentration is on your individual progress and nothing else. Boasting a reformulated version of the Alpha Locker methodology commonly used for athletes, our personal training program shifts the focus from sports performance to positively transforming your body composition. With a team that loves the city, no matter your goal, our Nationally Certified Personal Trainers can turn any physique dream that you have into a life-changing reality.

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  • One on One Personal Training

  • A Full Fitness Evaluation

  • A Comprehensive Training Packet

  • A Meal Prep Cheat Sheet

  • A Customized Grocery Store Cheat Sheet

  • A Training Cheat Sheet

  • Updated Program - Biweekly

Team Based Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Off-season strength and conditioning programs have been a part of high school and college athletics for decades. The dedication, sacrifice, and grit each athlete displays while working his or her way through an off-season training program is the catalyst for any championship team. The Alpha Locker Training System utilizes an innovative training regimen that requires athletes to lean on their teammates to complete each segment of the program. Staying true to our philosophy, our team-oriented programming relies on research-backed data to ensure athletes are capitalizing on the science and optimizing time spent in the gym. Regardless of the sport, fielding the most athletic team week in and week out gives you an advantage in nearly every situation imaginable. When you pair this with the elite level of team conditioning that our programming guarantees, you get a team that will be both mentally and physically prepared to handle adversity until the clock hits zero. At Alpha Locker Strength and Conditioning, we take no shortcuts. In a team setting, we still utilize periodization and approach training with close attention to detail. We take pride in guaranteeing that each athlete is progressively overloading and getting results throughout the entirety of the off-season program. Championships will not be won without an elite foundation, build yours with Alpha Locker Strength and Conditioning!

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What We Include:

  • Equipment For The Entire Team

  • Segmented Training

  • Exclusive Result Tracking For Every Team Member

  • Team Meal Plans (By Goal)

  • Fitness Evaluations For Players With Lingering Injuries

  • Injury Reduction Recovery Program For Every Player

Online Coaching

Just like our personal training in Colorado Springs, Alpha Locker Strength and Conditioning offers comprehensive online coaching packages that adapt to your physiological needs as your body progresses. Unlike most online cookie cutter programs, our adaptation packages cannot be duplicated and focus on hammering out any athletic deficiencies to decrease the chance of injury. Our science-based programming guarantees that each client gets the most out of whichever package that they choose. Whether the coaching is coming from our Nationally Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, or Fitness Nutritionists, Alpha Locker Strength and Conditioning only offers research-backed programming and diet information that has been proven to be the driving force behind the most explosive athletes on the planet.

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  • An IOS/Android App For Client To Coach Communication

  • The App Includes Example Video Of Workouts

  • A Comprehensive Meal Plan

  • An Evolving Program

  • A Grocery Store Cheat Sheet


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